CS: GO Rank Boost; A guide

CS: GO stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a multiplayer shooting game that has gained many followers with its addicting gaming system. And everyone who loves to play the game wants their ranks to higher and higher.

Now it’s important to understand how the ranking system works. First of all, there are two types of CS: GO, profile ranking, and competitive ranking. As the same suggests, profile ranking is required to maintain an attractive profile, while the competitive ranking is based on performance compared to others. Getting a higher profile rank is comparatively easier than getting a higher competitive ranking because it requires winning more matches and not just rounds. Only when a person has acquired a higher rank in competitive and profile ranking can they acquire an overall higher ranking in CS: GO.

Initially, a player needs to get to a certain profile rank, especially Private Rank 2, to start with competitive matchmaking.

What helps in boosting the rank?

Ultimately all the help boosting the rank is experience and how much time one is investing into playing the game or how many rounds and matches one is playing. To understand this, it’s important to know the types of points that help boost the rank and when they are provided. These points are called XP, an acronym of Experience Points. There are various types of XPs provided as one proceeds with the game.

  • The first one is a Nee Player Boost, where new players are provided with XPs to get their game started.
  • Whenever the player finishes a match successfully, they are provided with earned XPs depending on their skills portrayed during the game.
  • If a person is on a specific mission, they are awarded mission XPs, which depend on the mission’s difficulty. Mission XPs are usually higher than earned XPs and are only awarded once, irrespective of how many times the mission is repeated. If the mission is repeated, again and again, the player receives earned XPs.

CSGO rank boost becomes a major factor if one wants to have new and exciting experiences while playing the game. The major traditional factor that boosts the rank is the experience and how skillfully one is playing the match.